20. February 2024
Co-Host for 15th Quo Vadis Conference
Co-Host for Quo Vadis Conference 2024 in Vienna now confirmed
7. February 2024
Location for 15th Quo Vadis Conference Confirmed
Quo Vadis will be going to the land of the Wiener Schnitzel.
3. March 2023
Presenters for Quo Vadis 2023 Confirmed
All-out owners/operators presentations
1. February 2023
Quo Vadis Location 2023 Confirmed
The 14th Quo Vadis Conference turns to Bavaria on 1st and 2nd November 2023
27. March 2019
Invitations Sent for Quo Vadis 2019
Invitations for Quo Vadis 2019 have been sent
5. March 2019
Quo Vadis 2019 in Lisbon
Dates and location for 13th Quo Vadis Conference 2019 confirmed: Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal.
18. July 2018
Sponsors Confirmed
Sponsors continue to support Quo Vadis in Glasgow
20. February 2018
Invitations Sent
Invitations for Quo Vadis 2018 have been sent
22. March 2018
New Co-Host for Quo Vadis 2018
Natural Power agrees to become co-host for Quo Vadis 2018 in Glasgow