The History of Quo Vadis Conference


Kevin Donovan has owned his own business for 35 years. His wife Sigrid has been involved in Marketing for 3 decades. Together they started working in the wind industry some 15 years ago. 

Sigi had the idea to develop a wind energy conference exclusively for wind farm owners and operators.

Thus Kevin and Sigi held the first Quo Vadis Conference in 2007. It was named after Kevin's presentation "Quo Vadis, Wind Energy?" (which is Latin for "Where are you going, wind energy?")

The conference is now in its twelfth year and is recognised by wind farm owners and operators as one of the most important and valuable events in the wind industry.


Invitations Sent

Invitations for Quo Vadis 2018 have been sent

Sponsors Confirmed

Sponsors continue to support Quo Vadis in Glasgow

New Co-Host for Quo Vadis 2018

Natural Power agrees to become co-host for Quo Vadis 2018 in Glasgow

Quo Vadis 2018

Date and location confirmed

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